Asian Art Center

In 2016 the Ringling's Asian Art Center was opened. A dynamic new extension of the Museum of Art that will support teaching and research on Asian art and culture.

The Asian Art Center will provide educational opportunities for students and scholars from around the world and enable the public to better understand and appreciate Asian history and society through exhibitions, programs, and publications. It promises to make the Museum one the most significant centers for Asian art studies in the United States.

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A timeline with linked additional pages to detailed information on the various dynasties and time eras, as well as the 20th century China.
History Timeline
Ancient Dynasties (Xia, Shang, Zhou)
Imperial Era I (Qin, Han, Xin)
Imperial Era II (Sui, Tang)
Imperial Era III (Yuan, Ming, Qing)
Republic of China
People's Republic of China

Of Hands and Fire
History of Pottery
History of Porcelain
Chinese Jade
Chinese Lacquer

John's Indian sculpture collection (33 pages)