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Outdoor Sculpture

With the scrolling panorama above you can view all the sculpture in front of the Art Museum and inside the courtyard.

Not every piece is clearly visible in the panorama, but the red indicates where to click to view photos of each piece. The panorama with detailed information on each sculpture will enable docents to select specific ones to incorporate into their tours.

View the Sculptures

Move your cursor to the left or right side of the panorama to get a 360 degree view. The further left or right you move the cursor, the faster the panorama rotates. Stop the panorama by holding the cursor in the center.
Click on a 
to get a closeup photo and more information on that sculpture, the artist, the history and the story behind the art. When the cursor arrow changes to a hand, then you are on the "hotspot" and ready to click.

You will notice 2 panorama zones, each connected by an arrow as here on the left:

- the area in front of the Art Museum,
- the portico and courtyard area

Click on these type of arrows in the panorama to go from one area to the other.

If you do not like the interactive presentation and would rather see a list of the sculptures (with links to further details), then go here.