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Museum Label:
Dancer 20th-century bronze cast from ancient Roman marble copy of Greek bronze original Location: Museo Nazionale, Naples

Chiurazzi description:
Dancers. This serie of statues found at the Villa Pisanio in Herculanum in 1754, was divided in two groups of three statues each. probably represents a suite of dancing personages, sculptured in different positions. Modernized reproductions of peloponnesian figures of the V century b.C. The Doric peplum falls to their feet. They are supposed to be Hydraphorus drawing up water at the fountain.

Subject info:
The Dancer was found in Herculaneum and is one of the "Five Maidens" in the Ringling Collection.

The original so-called “Dancers of Herculaneum”, 5 statues of women wearing the Doric peplos a group of life-sized bronzes with inlaid eyes that were adapted Roman copies of originals from the fifth century BCE, all found in the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum.

The original sculpture is slightly different though:

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