Frans Hals

This is not the place for an extensive bio, but some background on the painter is appropriate.

Frans Hals was not the only one in the Hals family, who painted. Two of his brothers, Joost and Dirck, were fine-painters also. In addition to this, Frans had 5 sons and one son-in-law (Pieter van Roestraeten), who all painted. His brother Dirck had a son (Anthonie) who painted also. Frans and Dirck were the greatest, but the work of the others was often very professional. In the 17th century, painting went from father to son(s). Just like in other professions, the technique and clientele went from the painters to their children. Frans Hals gave drawing and painting lessons to his children and they helped him in his studio. Most paintings look "formulaic", but nice, and brought regular "bread on the table". An approach done by many painters then. Some high quality still lifes and genre paintings were made by the son-in-law and old pupil Pieter van Roestraeten. Frans' younger brother Dirck made well painted snapshots of feasting parties.

Source: Frans Hals Museum.